Cooking Club October

October's theme is Garlic. I wish I could take credit for this great idea. It was all Kelsey. We'll use it to ward off all those Halloween vampires.

Tuesday, October 9th
Jeri's house (e-mail if you need directions)

Main:  Jeri Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic, via Smitten Kitchen (what else can you make with theme, really?)
Side: Kelsey
Side: Heather
Bread: Missy
Dessert: (Who is going to tackle a garlic dessert? Maybe you can look up things that compliment garlic. Breath mints?)

Notes on the Chicken with 40 Clove of Garlic recipe: It was way easier than it sounded! Also the kids thought it was delicious so it wasn't a 'too fancy for family' recipes. To peel that much garlic, search the interwebs for this video. Just do one head of garlic at a time, or all the papery feathers make too much padding and keep the rest of the garlic from peeling.

I didn't have white wine so I used lemon juice and it was fabulous. I also didn't want to cut up a whole chicken (wings... who eats those?) so I used a pack of chicken breasts (skin-on) and a pack of thighs.

To keep the heat on the garlic low (scorched garlic = yuck!) and make sure the chicken cooked through, I browned it in the skillet and then transferred it to a 400-degree oven to bake (bonus: the fat drains off and the skin crisps beautifully). Then I was able to get all the chicken browned, the garlic roasted, the excess fats drained off, the liquids added/pan deglazed etc. Once that was all done, I moved the baked chicken back to the skillet and finished the dish.

One last note: I read on one blog that instead of eating the garlic cloves whole with the chicken (so yummy) this particular cook pours off the garlic and reduced liquids and purees the whole thing into a thick garlic sauce that you can spread on bread, dip the chicken in, or slather all over your body because it was really that good.

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Missy said...

Everyone okay if I make that oober garlic cheese bread again? Cuz that's what I'm doin. :)